Birgit Schimkus - Spirituelle Geomantin

Birgit Schimkus - Spiritual Geomancer


  • Do you suffer from sleep disturbances?
  • Do you get headaches by making calls with your mobile phone?
  • Is there a place in your flat, where you feel uncomfortable, exhausted or scared for no reason?
  • Does your living space has an energetic old or disharmonious quality?
  • Do strange things happen in your home ('spook')?
  • Do you have the feeling, as if a dead relative still might 'be there'?
  • Have you just moved into a new home?
  • Do you wish more harmony in your home?

Do one or more of the above-mentioned points apply to you? In this case call me under telephone 0049 431 9901718 or send me an e-mail to


[Geisterfluesterin = ghostwhisperer]