Experience Reports


A young women had spent her first night provisional in her new rented flat. Furniture hadn’t been installed yet, the packing cases still were closed. She felt uneasy that night and asked me for help. In her sleeping area I found sockets for electricity and TV. Since the noticable electric smog was reduced and the flat cleaned from the former inhabitant’s energies, she can sleep better and feels welcome in her new home.

Retail Shop

The retail shop was built on a former cemetery area. At one point in the shop it felt especially oppressive according to information of the owner. During my work I payed more particularly attention to cleaning the rooms from the cemetery energies and helping the bounded souls to leave the place. The owner told me later, that him as well as his customers are much happier in the shop now and the rooms feel positive. 


In a bedroom, severely affected by water veins and energy lines, two ill relatives had been cared for over time one by one; the owner suffered from sleep disturbances and contacted me. Some time after my geomantic work she reported me the following: The energy of the ‚treated’ room has improved: brighter, lighter, more neutral. [The] sleep quality has enhanced!

Entity in a Room

In a building nobody liked to enter a certain room, because everybody felt the presence of an entity. Former attempts to persuade the entity to go had failed; it only had been changing the room. After a talk with my client about the history of the house and the property I contacted the entity and managed to help it leaving the place.

House Sale

A house with a well-kept garden in a good residential area. The house had been refurbished, renovated ready to move in and prepared attractively by Home Staging* for selling. In spite of approx. 50 visits no buyer was found. The seller engaged me for a geomantic inspection. Only two weeks after my work there were four serious prospective customers, of which one family now lives in their dream house.  


* By Home Staging furniture, lamps and decoration are deliberately positioned, so that prospective customers get an optimal first impression of the building and can envisage it as their new home.