Ghosthunters – do they exist?

Many people like to get the creeps – not for nothing horrormovies, ghost trains and ghoststories are so popular –, as far as the spook doesn’t happen in real life in their own four walls.

Apparation in ancient Times

Already the lawyer and senator Plinius the Younger (approx. 61 – 115 AD) describes in one of his letters a ghost, who scares the residents of a house so much, that nobody wants to live there anymore. Until someone finds out the reason, solves it and puts the spook to an end.

Ghosthunters in the movies

1984 in the USA the fictional comedy film ‚Ghostbusters’ was shot, in which three less successful parapsychologists* found an agency for ghosthunting. While their first contact with a ghost in a public library they are realy enthusiastic – without knowing what they are actually meant to do now. The comedy film was so successful, that three further films followed. 


* Parapsychology: Research of paranormal skills and appearences 

Tracking Ghosts

The real ‚Ghosthunters’ – or better: paranormal investigators – of today don’t hunt ghosts, but research and document spook- and other unexplainable phenomena with the help of technical equipment like video cameras, audio recorders and measuring instruments for electromagnetic fields.

My spiritual approach: Ghostwhispering

I understand ‚spook’ as a phenomena, where beings from the spiritual world (e. g. souls of deceased, also known as ghost or presence; but also non-human beings) have an impact on the material world, for example by appearance, sounds, smells or the moving of objects. This doesn’t happen only in (hounted) castles or abandoned/dilapidated buildings (so-called ‚Lost Places’), but also in completely normal homes, and that more often, than you think.


I contact the beings on a mental level with the aim to find out and solve the reason, why they are here, so that they can go, if they want to. An energetic cleaning and harmonisation of the house helps the residents to feel well again.


In my work I set great value on respectful interaction with all people and beings I meet. The circumstances and incidents in site will be kept in confidence.