What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is a very old knowledge of the energy and power of earth.

In earlier times Geomancy was used for example to find waterveins or locations for sacral buildings (e. g. churches, cult places). Medieval pictures show dowsers with a Y-shaped branch they used as a dowsing rod.


During the centuries Geomancy sank into oblivion spaciously.


But there are still people, who have this old knowledge, use and share it.


So I graduated my one-year-training by the Geomancer Hans Hansen and follow his methods of perceiving blocked energy, change it and make it flow again for harmonising and healing the place.

Birgit Schimkus, Pilgrim path on Glastonbury Tor

Power spot: old pilgrim path to the steeple on Glanstonbury Tor 

Birgit Schimkus, Cosmogram on a clay disc

Healing symbol: cosmogram on a clay disc

Variants of Geomancy

Geomancy ist practiced in different ways, whereby a geomancer often specialises in a specific area. Another three examples:

  • Localizing waterveins for well building
  • Tracking places, where energies are too strong to people and not good for them
  • Location-healing in the form of 'landscape-acupuncture' by setting stone pillars with a cosmogram (healing symbol) on it