Service packages

A completly house-, flat- or propertyhealing is recommended. Because areas of strong energy or disharmony are not restricted on a single room, but may also have influence on the environment or might come from the surroundings. 

Birgit Schimkus, Megalithic tomb near Missunde

Megalithic tomb near Missunde

Trial offer / Roomhealing

Geomantic examination and harmonisation of one single room with a size up to 20 sqm, e. g. a room where you stay a long time or feel especially uncomfortable.

Birgit Schimkus, Megalith in the stone circle of Avebury

Megalith in the stone circle of Avebury

Individual problem

Examination and processing of a specific problem in your living space, e. g. spook phenomenon, unusual behaviour of your pet at a certain place in the house etc.

Birgit Schimkus, Silbury Hill near Avebury

Silbury Hill near Avebury 


House-, flat-, propertyhealing

Completly house-, flat- or propertyhealing. Includes the geomantic examination  and harmonisation of your whole living space. 

Service offer

In a preliminary talk by phone I listen to you. In site I empathize, what is needed to re-establish the harmony:

  • Working on energetic grids and lines (e. g. Hartmann-, Curry-, Benkergrid, Leylines)
  • Dissolving of conflictlines (which arise e. g. from deep sadness or violence)
  • Reducing the effects of waterveins, earth dislocation and electrosmog
  • Mobile phone harmonisation
  • Balancing of the four elements (earth, water, fire, air) as well as the opposites (yin and yang)
  • Liberation of place-bounded souls and beings
  • Cleansing from old energies
  • ...

In doing so I work on a spiritual and energetic level together with beings and forces in site. Old issues of the place are solved and the energies changed in a way, that there is no longer a noticeable energetic stress and the place feels free again.


 I don't guarantee healing. Please contact your doctor, alternative practioner or therapist for health issues. 

Birgit Schimkus, Place with degrading powers

Place with degrading powers: a feeling of autumn, melancholy and fading. Here you can release something old.

Birgit Schimkus, Place with constructive powers

Place with constructive powers: a feeling of spring, freshness and sprouting. Here you can re-energize.